25 Micron Image Resolution

Double the Contrast. Comfortable Breast Compression.

  • Less than half the radiation of current FFDM systems.
  • Fusion mammography and ultrasound.
  • True 3D Computed Tomography imaging.
Fischer Imaging. A New Company... Improving outcomes for cancer patients

Fischer Imaging is focused on improving outcomes for cancer patients with advanced imaging. Our proprietary technology doubles the resolution and contrast of today’s mammography using less than half the x-ray dose and removes the need for painful breast compression.

With an impressive past…

Our company succeeds Fischer Imaging Corp., with roots going back to 1910 when H.G. Fischer, the oldest manufacturer of X-ray imaging devices in the United States, began its operation in Chicago, IL. Since then, the reputation and name of the company have evolved and gained worldwide recognition in leveraging technology that has brought to market such innovations as the SenoScan Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) system and the MammoTest stereotactic breast biopsy system.

Our Roots ...

For over 100 years the Fischer name has been synonymous with quality diagnostic imaging and innovation. Our new product family continues this legacy. 

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Fusion Mammography-Ultrasound Imaging

MammoSOUND, based on our proprietary technology combines automated breast ultrasound with digital mammography allowing both imaging modalities in the same patient encounter and configuration for improved and efficient breast cancer screening and diagnosis.


Digital Mammography & Tomosynthesis

MammoCAT is based on our proprietary slot scanning technology which doubles the spatial resolution and increases the contrast of today’s mammography using less than half the radiation dose and without requiring painful breast compression.

MammoCAT does not require the use of an anti-scatter grid.

MammoCAT will perform both planar digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis.


Full 360° 3D Computed Tomography of the Breast

Mammo360 uses the same imaging gantry as MammoCAT too and perform 3-dimensional CT imaging of the breast. The patient lies in a comfortable, prone position and her breast is imaged without compression.

Mammo360 will allow screening, diagnosis and stereotactic biopsy all in one system. This multi-purpose use will improve equipment utilization, hospital workflow and reduce demands on space.


Our products are under development and are not available for sale.

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