MammoCAT™ is based on our proprietary slot scanning technology. This produces images of significantly higher contrast and resolution (up to 25 microns) and almost eliminates scattered radiation without using a scatter removal grid. Today’s Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) mammography systems use grids to remove scatter and therefore require higher X-ray doses to get acceptable images. MammoCAT™ DM, our first product, will provide superior FFDM images and can be upgraded in the field to our second product, MammoCAT™ DBT, that will rival Digital Breast Tomosynthesis systems currently on the market. Our proprietary technology gives our DBT product the same advantages that it provides to MammoCAT™ DM.


Our third product, MammoCAT™ CT breast scanner system, will improve the accuracy of breast cancer screening, diagnosis and tumor registration for biopsy by providing:

  • True 3D Computed Tomography imaging
  • Radiation doses equivalent to those in current FFDM systems
  • Elimination of breast compression during screening

MammoCAT™ CT will use the same imaging gantry as our DM and DBT products and allow stereotactic biopsy. All of these features, combined with the low dose, high resolution imaging will make it suitable for screening, diagnosis, staging and biopsy on the same system. This multi-purpose use will improve equipment utilization, hospital workflow and reduce demands on space.

The MammoCAT™ technology platform affords superior image quality, low dose and patient comfort all in one system. Cost-effectiveness also distinguishes the MammoCAT™ from all current mammography systems now in clinical use.

All MammoCAT™ products are currently under development and are not available for sale at this time.

For over 100 years the Fischer name has been synonymous with quality diagnostic imaging and innovation. The new MammoCAT TM product family continues the legacy.