Introducing Fischer’s MammoCATTM 2D. A unique, prone FFDM diagnostic mammography system integrated with stereotactic biopsy.

The MammoCATTM 2D incorporates breakthrough slot scanning technology which yields a resolution of 25-micron pixels, and a unique capability for screening, diagnosis, and stereotactic biopsies.

The MammoCATTM 2D slot scanning deivce essentially eliminates the effect of scattered radiation, without requiring the use of the scatter removal grid used in conventional systems. Using a grid necessitates higher X-ray doses on tissue in order to achieve acceptable images.

With a digital detector and high heat capacity X-ray tube specifically designed for low-dose and superior image quality in all procedures, the MammoCATTM 2D is engineered for applications which may be developed in the future.


The MammoCATTM 2D will share the same gantry as MammoCATTM 3D, our subsequent prone system.

The MammoCATTM 2D affords superior image quality, with low dose, in one system. Cost-effectiveness is also what separates the MammoCATTM2D from all current mammography systems now in clinical use.

The MammoCATTM 2D is currently under development. The system is not available for sale at this time.

For Over 100 years the Fischer name has been synonymous with quality diagnostic imaging and innovation.  THE NEW MAMMOCATTM 2D AND MAMMOCATTM 3D continues the legacy.




Revolutionary breast CT scanner system to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screening.

  • True 3D imaging
  • Radiation doses equivalent to current digital mammography
  • Elimination of breast compression during screening

MammoCAT™ 3D system will contribute to lower overall imaging costs by improving the sensitivity and specificity of current 2D systems and allowing multiple breast procedures to be performed on the same 3D system.

The MammoCATTM 3D is currently under development. The system is not available for sale at this time.